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Have you ever wondered how:

to build your confidence

lead a less stressful life




become more mindful

increase your creativity

have focus and clarity in your life

quicker decision-making

reduce negative self-talk




Are you struggling with:

Health Issues

Living with chronic illness

Life-threatening disease

Overall struggles to live healthy

Finding Your Purpose

Figuring out which direction to follow

Feeling pressure to lead your life a certain way

Overwhelmed with life, anxiety & depression

Financial Issues


Entrepreneurship struggles

Unsure if you’re in the right career

We’ve been there too.

Living with chronic illness. Facing a life-threatening disease. Marriages. Divorces. Career struggles. Gender dysphoria. Single parenting. Life altering debt issues. 

This is just a small sampling of the different struggles your Live Your Highest Self coaches have survived, and even thrived through in their lives. 

We understand what it feels like to not know where you’re going, wonder what our true purpose is, or have to face that what we want to do is not possible…